• NAME: Mr. Marlon Fish
  • BIRTHDATE: September 19, 2004
  • PERSONALITY: Honorable and trustworthy. Loves to swim and jump and visit with his good friend The Unicorn. Always seen with his wife MRS. FISH.
  • FAVORITE SONG: "Tiny Bubbles" By Don Ho
  • CREATED FOR: The short indie film THE LAST UNICORN directed by CJ Arabia.
  • BUILDING NOTES: Another 'built in a day' creation. Made by cutting out two identical pieces of half inch foam. Eyes are a ping pong ball cut in half. I made a Marlon as a tribute to my trips to Catalina in the summer of 2003 for shows. Though MR. FISH fimed a scene for THE LAST UNICORN the scene was ultimately cut from the final edit.