• NAME: Mr. Bird
  • BIRTHDATE: September 19. 2004
  • PERSONALITY: Happy and care-free, all Mr. Bird cares about is singing and flying around. He's not the brightest bird in the nest, but his gentle personality wins over many folks.
  • CREATED FOR: The short indie film THE LAST UNICORN directed by CJ Arabia.
  • BUILDING NOTES: Mr. Bird was built in a day, and I think it shows. His body was actualy originally built for the PRINCESS SABRINA puppet, but was scrapped. One good thing about puppet building I've found is that you can reuse parts if they don't come out the way you'd like. Case in point: Mr. Bird's feet are actually the wire lined "first try" hands I build for the GRAMMA puppet. Though MR. BIRD fimed a scene for THE LAST UNICORN the scene was ultimately cut from the final edit.