• NAME: Grandpap Oak
  • BIRTHDATE: September 24, 2004
  • PERSONALITY: Wise old Granpapa Oak has been arouns since the beginning of time. His age has given him great wisdom and made him somewhat cantankerous, but he still enjoys a good scratch on the trunk.
  • CREATED FOR: The short indie film THE LAST UNICORN directed by CJ Arabia.
  • BUILDING NOTES: Grandpapa Oak was literally bult in a day. He is made from 1" polyfoam with a 1/2" polyfoam mouth. He's adorned with Leave wreaths and moss from Michaels. His eyes are two cut up wiffle balls. Though it's not in the picture, Grandpapa Oak has a slit on his left side so a lullet slug I made could crawl up his side during the scene. After his speaking scenes were done, he was split open in the back so we could wrap him around a real tree. Sad to do, but after some rubber cement surgery he was back to normal. He is voiced in the film by Jeremy Kramer.